Our Homes Resources and Resident Responsibilities

The objective of Peter's House Recovery Home for Women and Children is to provide women assistance  who desire recovery from a wide variety of life issues and addictions through discipleship and structure. The ultimate goal being to develop a relationship with Jesus Chr‚Äčist and to build a foundation of living in the freedom that God desires for their lives. Our home is centered on personal development through leadership, mentor-ship, and accountability. Each resident is assessed for individual needs and services.

There is no length of stay required or determined. This is based upon individual desire and need. Our residents are required to study the Word of God, attend church, attend and participate in recovery meetings, remain employed, participate in residential requirements and responsibilities, and serve our community. We believe that by following the guidelines and resources our home provides that residents will build the foundation to recover from their "hurts, habits, and hang-ups," while addressing the root causes of their inability to function as contributing members of our community. Admission is determined following approval of a residency application and interview. Upon acceptance, residents will be aided in obtaining multiple resources based on individual need including but not limited to: Recovery Support Meetings, Counseling, Adoption Assistance, Employment Assistance, Interview Skills, Job Training, Child Care, Food Stamps, Medicaid/Medical Insurance, Student Financial Aid, Transportation Assistance, Budgeting/Financial Planning, Conflict Resolution, and Parenting Classes.